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12V18Ah-U2 StarkPower "ULTRA" Lithium Ion Starter Battery, FREE CHARGER !

12V18Ah-U2 StarkPower "ULTRA" Lithium Ion Starter Battery, FREE CHARGER !

Part Number SP-12V18-U2
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 StarkPower’s “ULTRA” Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) battery is the ultimate in weight versus power technology. This is a drop in replacement for your Lead-acid battery, and will require no change to your existing system.  The "ULTRA" starter batteries have the safest,  most powerful Lithium Chemistry (FePO4) along with an internal microprocessor controlled cell balancer for added performance and battery life.


  •  Ultra light weight. Up to 80% less weight.
  •  Lasts 300-400% longer than lead acid.
  •  Faster engine turn-over for better starts.
  •  Direct drop in; No engine modifications needed.
  •  Internal cell balancing circuit inside for longer life and added starting performance.
  •  No expensive maintenance (cell balancer) charger needed.
  •  No trickle charger needed if you have no current draw.
  •  FREE charger/maintainer included with purchase.
  •  4 Post(terminal) design to reduce inventory.
  •  No Lost Nuts. 
  •  Lower shelf discharge rate (2% vs 10% / month)
  •  Expect 8-10 years of bat life that will reduce your operating cost by half that of lead acid.
  •  No explosive gasses during charging, no lead, no heavy metals, no acid spills
  •  Environmentally friendly.
  •  SAFE !


Model No.
Operating Voltage:
Cranking Amps: (CA)
Cold Cranking Amps: (CCA) 
Cell Balancing: 
Yes (Internal)
M6 (female)
5.3"(L) x 3.0"(W) x 5.2'(H),  (135(L) x 75(W) x 133(H)mm)
1.49lbs, (680g)
-22°F to +140°F, (-30°C to +60°C)

Motorcycles, Jetski, ATV, Quads, Snowmobile, Cars, Racing Vehicles.   

FREE charger/maintainer included with purchase.  Only use STARKPOWER’s lithium battery charger. Warranty voided if battery used with other chargers.  Using lead acid chargers that charge up to 16V, along with leaving them ON, will damage the Lithium battery.





StarkPower LiFePO Battery

Lead Acid Battery

Voltage Change:

Keeps Steady

Gradually Decreases

 Cycle Life:

>3,000 Cycles

 150 - 300 Cycles

Calendar Life:

About 10 years

About 1-2 years

 Usable Capacity:



 Self-discharge Rate/Month:


 About 30%

 Fast Charging Performance:



 Max. Discharge Current:



 Operating Temperature:

 -22°F  to +140°F, (-30°C to 60°C)

 -4°F  to +131°F, (-20°C to +55°C)


 Light (~1/3 of Lead Acid Battery)


 Installation Direction:

 Any Direction


 Safety Performance:


 Boil and Leak

 Impact on the Environment:

 Pollution- Free

 Serious Pollution

Up to 10 years. 
The StarkPower “Ultra” battery is designed with M6 screw terminals, this makes it easy to replace the stock lead-acid battery.

StarkPower batteries have a very low self-discharge rate. The “Ultra” batteries will last for over a year in storage.
1 Year Warranty

Make Year Model  Engine Size
Aprilia 2000 Pegaso 650cc
Aprilia 2004-2005 Scarabeo 500cc
Aprilia 2003-2005 Atlantic 500cc
Aprilia 2004-2005 Atlantic 200cc
Aprilia 2000-2004 Scarabeo 150cc
Aprilia 2010-2011 RS125 125cc
Benelli All 650 Tornado UT 650cc
Benelli All 250 (4 Cilindri) 250cc
Benelli All 125 Jarno(C/avv) 125cc
Benelli All 125 Scooter Benelli 125cc
Benelli All 125CS 125cc
BIMOTA 1995-1997 SB6, SB7 1100cc
BIMOTA 1992-1995 YB8/YB10 1000cc
BIMOTA 1993-1995 DB2 900cc
BIMOTA 1997 DB2 Final Edition 900cc
BIMOTA 1997-1999 DB3 Mantra 900cc
BIMOTA 1991-1995 Tesi 900cc
BMW 1993-2000 F650 650cc
BSA All 250,350,400,441,500,(12V) 260cc
BSA All 600, 650, 750 (12V) 260cc
BSA All Rocket 750, Thunderbolt 260cc
BSA All Spitfire HK35, Starfire B25 260cc
CAGIVA 1994-1997 Elefant 750cc
CAGIVA 1989 Elefant Bifaro 750cc
CAGIVA 1988-xxxx T4 E Elefant 500cc
CAGIVA 1986-xxxx Elefant 2 Cyl. 350cc
CAGIVA 1987-1988 Crouser 125cc
CAGIVA 1987-1990 Freccia C9, /C10R, /C12R 125cc
CAGIVA 1990-1997 Mito 125cc
CAGIVA 1997 N 90 125cc
CAGIVA 1994-1997 Rodster 125cc
CAGIVA 1991-1997 Supercity 125cc
DUCATI xxxx-1981 SS Kick-Starter 900cc
DUCATI xxxx-1981 SS Replica 900cc
DUCATI 1982-xxxx SS SuperSport, Replica 900cc
DUCATI 1989-2000 SS 900cc
DUCATI 1999-2011 Kick-Start 860cc
DUCATI 1987-1990 F1, Montijuich, Paso 750cc
DUCATI 1999-2011 Indiana 750cc
DUCATI   SS Supersport Kick-Start 750cc
DUCATI 1999-2011 SS Supersport Kick-Str. 750cc
DUCATI 1999-2011 Alazurra, Indiana, Pantah 650cc
DUCATI 1999-2011 TL 600cc
DUCATI 1999-2011 Pantah 600 600cc
DUCATI 1999-2011 Pantah 500 500cc
GILERA 1993 Nordwest 600cc
GILERA 1993 RC 600C 600cc
GILERA   Top Rally, XRT 600cc
GILERA 1999-2011 Dakota E-Starter 500cc
GILERA 1999-2011 Dakota E-Starter 350 350cc
GILERA 1999-2011 ER E-Starter 350cc
GILERA   XRT 350cc
GILERA 1999-2011 Arizona Rally 250cc
GILERA 1999-2011 RV NGR Kick-Start 250cc
GILERA 1999-2011 Arizona 200cc
GILERA 1999-2011 Fast Bike 200cc
GILERA   RTX, RV, RX E-Starter 200cc
GILERA 1999-2011 Apache E-Starter 125cc
GILERA 1999-2011 Arizona E-Starter 125cc
GILERA 1999-2011 Crona E-Starter 125cc
GILERA 1999-2011 CX E-Starter 125cc
GILERA 1999-2011 Fast Bike E-Starter 125cc
GILERA 1999-2011 Freestyle E-Starter 125cc
GILERA 1999-2011 GFR E-Starter 125cc
GILERA 1999-2011 KK, KZ E-Starter 125cc
GILERA 1999-2011 MX1, MXR E-Starter 125cc
GILERA 1999-2011 Nebrask E-Starter 125cc
Harley-Davidson 1971-1972 FX Series (Kick Start) 1200cc
Harley-Davidson 1970-1978 XLCH Series (Sportster Kick Start) 1000cc
Harley-Davidson 1999-2011 Mule 2510 Diesel 500cc
Harley-Davidson 1975-1978 SS250, SX250 250cc
Harley-Davidson 1974-1978 SS175, SX175 175cc
Harley-Davidson 1974-1978 SS125, SX125 125cc
Harley-Davidson 1975-1978 SXT125 125cc
Harley-Davidson 1973-1978 TX125 125cc
Harley-Davidson 1973-1976 Z90 90cc
Kawasaki 1984-2002 Ninja GPZ900R ZX900A1-A16 900cc
Kawasaki 1986-2006 VN700-A Vulcan 750cc
Kawasaki 1987-2011 KL650-A, E, KLR 650cc
Kawasaki 1996-2010 EN500-C Vulcan LTD 500cc
Kawasaki 1994-2010 EX500, Ninja 500R 500cc
Kawasaki 2001-2010 BN125 Eliminator 125cc
Moto Guzzi 2004-2010 Breva 750cc
Moto Guzzi 2009-2011 V7 Classic 750cc
MuZ 1999-2011 All 125cc
Norton 2008-2010 Commando 850cc
Norton 1999-2003 Commando 850cc
Norton 2003-2011 Ranger  750cc
Norton 1999/2001 Ranger  750cc
Royal Enfield 2000-2003 All Electric Start 500cc
Royal Enfield 1995-1999 All Kick Starkt 500cc
Royal Enfield 1995 All Kick Starkt 350cc
Suzuki 1981-2001 GSX1100S Katana 1100cc
Suzuki 1999-2011 LS650 Savage, S40 650cc
Suzuki 2001-2011 GS500, F 500cc
Triumph 2002-2003 Thunderbird 900cc
Triumph 1999-2011 Bonneville, Tiger 750cc
Triumph 1999-2011 T150 Trident 750cc
Triumph 1999-2010 T120 Bonneville 650cc
Yamaha 1989-1999 FZR600 /R 600cc
Yamaha 1978-1999 SR500 500cc
Yamaha 1978-2000 SR400 400cc
Yamaha 2009-2011 XV250YCR V Star 250cc
Yamaha 1995-2003 XV250 Virago 250cc
Yamaha 1987-2011 TW200 200cc
Feature: 700220599024
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